Cover, etc, of my new book, due in August:

I'm sure I'll see some of you at the Anderson's Bookstore Children's Literature Breakfast on the 20th. I've been busily working away on a 900 page book on H.H. Holmes for Sky Horse, simultaneously with a Mysterious Chicago book. Once these wrap I swear I'll get going on more fiction! I don't know about more YA. I want to do more middle grade. That's where the fun is these days.  

Also: want to come see the original Sherlock Holmes film in the very room where it was filmed in 1916? 

Oh, and dig this: Mary E Holland, one of the most famous female detectives of the early 20th century, deserves to reclaim her place in Chicago history. 

Also also: in 1992 I went around to lunch tables in my suburban Des Moines middle school shaking hands and drumming up votes for my 2016 campaign. I came in dead last at the Iowa Caucus, then conceded and made my endorsement on WGN late that night. I lost pretty badly, but, hey, I managed to pull off a joke that was 24 years in the making, and I did it on national radio, and it made the news, so that's pretty good.

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