HH Holmes presentations.

On Saturday, 4/29, I'll be talking HH Holmes at Centuries and Sleuths in Forest Park at 2pm.

On thurs, May 4, I'll be talking about him at the Nichols Library in Naperville at 7pm.

Tonight (4/28) there are apparently some NBC segments on Holmes airing in a few cities; I'll be appearing in the Chicago one. I hear there's some news. I'd watch.  I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it yet but I'll be on WGN Radio tonight at 11 with my brother, who will be talking about the Race to Wrigley. It may come up.

And, of course, get my new book, HH HOLMES: THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE WHITE CITY DEVIL, at the bookstore of your choice:

Barnes and Noble

And check out my many Holmes posts over at the Mysterious Chicago blog, including a podcast about rumors that he faked his death.

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