Music and Movies


Adam co-wrote this short film, which was featured in several film festivals from 2009-2011.

Dating Vampires PSA (2011)
The infamous "you're risking your ass" PSA that aired in the I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It and Extraordinary world. This one inspires debate in Extraordinary as to exactly how the girl lost a butt cheek while dating a vampire.

Some Other Shorts
More Vampire/Zombie PSAs, a couple of Smart Aleck's Guide videos, and other clips. 

Adam still plays the odd music gig here and there. He's not the worlds greatest singer/guitarist, but some of his songs are pretty good, and he got some GREAT people to play on his albums, including Vixy DockreyMary CrowellJeff Brown, Amy McNally, Kelly Warner and Bryan Hall (now of Mile Train), and others!

Note: This Adam Selzer is not to be confused with the OTHER Adam Selzers: the one who lives in Portland, plays with Norfolk and Western (not to mention M. Ward) and is an ace producer, or the one who fronts Adam and the Couch Potatoes in Nashville. Adam (Chicago) is flattered to be mistaken for either of them, though. And back in the old days he was occasionally credited as Kurtis the Vile - not to be confused with the guy who now records as Kurtis Vile. Sheesh. Can't even pick a pseudonym in this town.



Formed in 8th grade algebra class with fellow miscreant Tanner Strutzeznberg, Scapegoat sings songs about beating up little kids to steal their slushees, traveling through space, and going to hell. Here's their epic explosion of 90s nostalgia, "Smells Like Family Matters." Here's a "dance mix" of one of their songs, featuring Claudia Gray on theremin:

Children's music for really well-adjusted children. As heard on Dr. Demento! Here's "Drink Your Juice."

Adam's New Book: Sept 2013