Weirdos on the Bus

This old guy leaned over towards me. I made the mistake of making eye contact.

"It's a blessed day," he said.

"Sure is," I replied.

"What's your nationality?" he asked. This was an odd question, but I went ahead and said "Russian."

"Oh," he said. "Like that guy. From World War II." He made motions with his finger to indicate a Hitler-style mustache.

"No, the Russian guy was Stalin," I said.

"MM hmm." said the guy. "I know. I watch the History Channel."

He then held up a heavily-worn copy of "The Passion of the Christ."

"Have you seen this DVD?" he asked.

"That's a videocassette," I replied.

He then began to kiss the picture of Jesus on the cover. Passionately, if you'll excuse the pun.

"Oh, look," I said. "Here's my stop."

It was a nice day for walking.

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