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What is it that makes Bob Dylan fans so obsessive?Author Adam Selzer (The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History) mixes rock criticism and sociology in a hilarious travelogue as he treks through America, meeting prominent Dylan fans and trying figure out what it is about Bob Dylan that keeps his fans coming back to concert after concert - narrowly avoiding certain death (and his creditors) several times along the way. Originally written in 2004, the newly revised edition also features several of Adam's more recent Dylan writings (for a total of over 85,000 words) and features an active table of contents. Perfect for new Dylan fans who want to know what they're getting into, and full of new ways to think about and enjoy Dylan's work for even the most dedicated, long-time fans.

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Stuff from the Appendix, 2005-10:

Milwaukee 7/09 - High Grade, Future Perfect
East Rutherford, NJ and Philadelphia, 11/06 - Nettie Moore Makes The Earth Stop Dead In Its tracks
Fort Wayne, 9/5/06 - A Night in the Twilight Zone

St. Louis , April 2006 - Three Years Later, The Band is Still "Transitional"

Schaumberg 2005 - In Which I Pick a Fight

Milwaukee 2005 - Worst Venue Ever

Night 5 - Happy Birthday to Merle Haggard
Night 4 - You Should Have Been Here Last Night!

Night 3 - It's the Great Pumpkin, Bob Dylan

Chicago Night 2 - Night of the fifteen dorks

Chicago 2005, Night 1 - Enter Elana

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Michael Gray said...

Hi Adam
Didn't know how else to send this info through to you. Not necessarily expecting you to run it as a comment. Hoping you might disseminate it somehow, though...


France -- September 29, 2010

Michael Gray, who writes the long-running blog The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, is opening his home in France for more Dylan Discussion Weekend Breaks this November.

A maximum of six guests per weekend join the author of "Song & Dance Man III", "The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia" and “Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes: In Search of Blind Willie McTell”, for evenings discussing Dylan’s work, augmented with good local wine and Dylan tracks from Michael’s own collection, after enjoying excellent meals created by his wife, the food writer Sarah Beattie.

Guests choose topics such as Dylan & the Blues; Dylan & Rock’n’roll; Dylan's Use of the Bible; Dylan, Plagiarism & Bootlegs; Dylan & Literary Culture; Dylan In Concert; Dylan On Film; Dylan & the Beats.

The house is in rural Southwest of France, 45 miles from the Pyrenees and the Spanish border. These weekends follow successful previous breaks for fans sharing their enthusiasm for Dylan’s work in February-March, June and September.

The cost is £399 (sterling) per person, or £599 per couple sharing a room, for 2 nights’ bed and breakfast plus two Dylan discussion evenings and two three-course evening meals with wine and coffee.

Go to http://bobdylanwinterlude.blogspot.com for further details and to make a booking.


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