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27 August 2009

YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GIVES ME THE CREEPS, my memoir of life in the ghost hunting industry, isn't officially out until Tuesday, but it seems to be on the shelves of many book stores (Barnes and Noble, in particular) already! Click the link for excerpts, photos, and more, and watch The Weird Chicago Blog for updates on stuff in the book - some very cool new information has been dug up by the team of a new Discovery Channel show that'll air in October - more details as I have them!

3 August 2009

A new Smart Aleck's Guide video, "Making History Come Alive with The Smart Aleck Staff," is now on youtube!. It features cameos by the other two Brothers Delacorte!

30 July 2009

I didn't plan to roll this out yet, but some early blog buzz has prompted me to go ahead an unveil the page, the excerpt, some of the "special features" and two of the videos for I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT!. Check it out now at ikissedazombie.com!
Also - The Brothers Delacorte were written up in Publishers' Weekly today!

23 July 2009

The Broken Chimneys are now on The Broken Chimneys - Satan's Parents' Basement

not to mention The Broken Chimneys' Youtube Playlist. Speaking of youtube, there are now three videos for The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History - and more to come!

19 July 2009

August 26th will be my first appearance as part of a trio of writers known as The Brothers Delacorte. Check out our folk album and board game covers!

13 July 2009

And speaking of films, will ya look at this - I'm on the IMDB! I got a "writer" credit for AT LAST, OKEMAH!. Speaking of movies, another video clip for The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History is due this week, and tomorrow we're filming promo videos for I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It!

Also - happy birthday to me!

8 July 2009

Here's The first promo video for the upcoming Smart Aleck's Guide to American History!

6 July 2009

The webpage for The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History is up and running - you can preview the book, turn in assignments, and get an early start on calling us "yankee revisionist pigs!" The book will be out in December - look for a web page with all sorts of extras for I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It in September!

27 May 2009
The first Broken Chimneys album, Satan's Parents' Basement, is now available to download dirt cheap! Check it out! Electric guitar and drums - why didn't I think to put those on a rock album before? There's also a lot of tuba.

17 May 2009

I've put up a scan of the flier advertising my school visits. Print it up, walk into the office, and start bugging the principal today!

15 May 2009

The zombie book mentioned before will be called I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It. I'm very pleased with how it's come out! I've also started a new band called The Broken Chimneys to play new versions of some old songs for the "soundtrack." Hear our demos over at Reverb Nation.

I'll be at the Printer's Row Book Fair in Chicago, signing at the Magic Tree Books table on Sunday from 3-4!

21 April 2009

I'm pleased to announce that I have a new YA book coming out in February. I am hoping to call it Dead People Have No Reason to Live. It will be based loosely on one of my songs - my editor pitched the plot to me, and it was the EXACT plot of a song I wrote almost ten years ago! There'll be a new version of the song (and a few others - with better singers than me doing the singing!) on an album that will be a sort of "book soundtrack." Stay tuned - and enjoy the twitter widget above!

12 April 2009

Some new projects are like souffles - if you open the oven before they're done, you'll ruin them. Others are like birds - you never know if they can fly until you let them go. I think this is in the latter - if may not be ready to fly, but I don't think I'll ruin it. Here's Bring Me the Antique Head of Ludwig von Beethoven, a one act play that functions as a prequel (of sorts) to How To Get Suspended and Influence People.. Enjoy!

Amazon has started listing all books with gay characters (including things like Heather Has Two Mommies) as "adult" and removed their sales rankings, etc, so they won't come up in searches as much. They have not yet de-listed MY books, though, and I have written to ask they do so until this is cleared up. Update: it has been cleared up, for the most part. Amazon has acknowledged that it was a massive screw-up. Kudos to them for taking responsibility for their mistakes!

8 April 2009

Work continues on At Last, Okemah! In addition to having written the thing, I'm also now assistant director, and I'll be playing a one-line role as "Hipster #1." Hector Reyes, one of the Weird Chicago drivers (who will appear prominently the forthcoming Your Neighborhood Gives me The Creeps: True Tales of an Accidental Ghost Hunter (Llewellyn, September) will be playing Ramblin' Miguel, the "Sancho Panza" role.

Meanwhile, I've finished the copyediting/fact-checking on The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History, which Random House will put out next year - that book took me almost as long as middle school from start to finish!

19 March 2009

At Last, Okemah! is a movie I wrote some time ago. An independant film company called Wandering Way just put it into production; a 15 minute promo version will be filmed next month. The website is now live, and features a song I wrote for it just this week (a rewrite of one of the Scapegoat songs). Click the link to see the page!

16 March 2009

Now HERE we have a distraction! It's the 15th anniversary of my first band, Scapegoat, which formed during my 8th grade algebra class. When the other guy and I are in the same city, we write and record a new album of crude, tasteless, goofy songs. We recorded our first new album in 8 years this weekend, and I've put up the lyrics to St. James Infirmary Zombie Slushee Blues, Doorbell Ditching at the Pearly Gates, The Voyage of the Matador and our original "hit", The Slushee Song.

In more grown-up news, I've also redone the tours page to promote my Chicago tours for school groups - you can hit the button on the right or just go to www.chicagostudenttours.com.

This past weekend I got to meet a lot of cool people at the Eisenhower Public Library, where I did a short reading and met some students - one of whom, by the name of Kat, is on the front lines in the fight to bring back the double high-five. Please join in on this worthy quest!

15 February 2009

Everyone else seems to have a Harry Potter-themed rock band, and now I do, too! Here is the Oliver Wood and The Diagon Alley Band home page! Four demos are up and running on myspace (a site I never thought I'd use again, but here we are!)

7 February 2009

There's a new page up advertising my school visits and presentations, which are entitled Writing for Evil Geniuses. See Be An Evil Genius.Com!

23 January 2009

The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History has been turned into my publishers after nearly two years of work. Proud? You bet I am. Thanks to all of the "Smart Aleck Staff" around the world who have helped make it possible; the book is scheduled to be out in about a year. More news coming soon!

8 January 2009

There's a new Review of I Put a Spell On You that I just had to share. There's also a new book in the Weird Chicago line out today: Fatal Drop: True Tales of the Chicago Gallows. It's a grisly little book by a guy named William "Wild Bill" Griffith. Click Here to hear an interview with Bill, who has stories to share and blue songs to sing. He smells unusual and is totally not some YA/MG author's psuedonym.

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