Pardon my dust!

I've been gradually moving most of my sites over to blogger, and the home page was just about the last of the lot to go! I'm now in the process of moving and revamping the site - I'll be cross-posting LJ posts here, making more frequent updates, perhaps a regular series of updates on what's new over at Playground Jungle, The Smart Aleck's Guide page (assignments are starting to be turned in!), etc. BUT, since it's a work in progress, it may be a bit clunky for a day or two.

In other news Smart Aleck's Guide to American History is in stores now and showing up all over - even in google and facebook ads!


Darla Dixon, Artist said...

That Smart Aleck Guide to American History is a very good idea. I remember One Night Stands With American History did very well (I worked in a bookstore 11 years.)
Yours should also do well, it looks really interesting. The founders were a bunch of characters.

Adam Selzer said...

Thanks, Darla! I think everyone's a character if you hold them under the microscope - in the founder's case, you can compound that with the fact that they had the nerve to take on an empire and turn the world upside-down - they almost had to be nuts just to think they had a shot at pulling it off!

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