Two tours in one night - 6 hours of ghost stories

Now THAT was a successful evening of ghost tours.

The first of the two was totally sold out, and the crowd was rowdy. The more fun the crowd is, the more fun the tour will be. The driver, Hector, and I banter back and forth - I'll tell a scary story and he'll have a punchline ready, or the other way around. Oddly enough, it seems that the more boisterous a tour group is, the more likely that the pictures they take at haunted spots (we encourage digital cameras, of course) will have interesting things. Lots of weird "orb" shots tonight, lots of strange flashing lights, and one picture in which the ground where the St. Valentine's Day Massacre took place appeared to be blood red. Hardcore skeptic that I am, I'd blame that on some sort of camera isssue, but, hey, you never know. And, anyway, it's great for the tour. Tips were high.

The second group was smaller and a lot more subdued - their pictures weren't nearly as interesting, for the most part, but everyone still had a good time.

What a fun job this is! When things get slow, I tell stories from towns where I used to live (plenty of stories from my Milledgeville pizza delivery days), or stories that actually might've happened to other people. Or, failing that, I can tell local trivia bits - especially interesting tonight was that even the TREES can be mob hits around here. Recently, it was mentioned in the papers that a couple of developers who couldn't get the permit to cut down a couple of trees, for some reason, put a 5k "hit" on each of the trees. A fellow nicknamed "quarters" had been plotting to whack them. The jokes here are just endless.

"All my life, ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be Paul Bunyan." (stole this one)
"Take the car. Leave the pinecone."
"We called up this wiseguy we called quarters. Quarters is a lumberjack, and he's okay."

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