Doorbell Ditchin' at the Pearly Gates

The Broken Chimneys appear on two songs on the soundtrack to I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT. Now you can download their song "Doorbell Ditching at the Pearly Gates" right here for free - just right click on that link! The video is here. A rewritten version serves as the theme song to At Last, Okemah, which will be showing at Schuba's in Chicago before a Jon Langford concert on March 6.

While I'm spreading punk songs around, I'm in a "montage of trying on different clothes to the strains of a new wave song" mode lately. Reinventing myself and all that. Today I picked up a brown corduroy blazer and a brown cardigan to wear over a turtleneck - I look like I belong in a movie with an opening credit sequence by Saul Bass (who, in addition to those paper-cut-outs-and-jazz title sequences, made one of my favorite cartoon shorts ever: The Edifice

Some cool news regarding the recent release of I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It that I need to keep quiet about, and things have been delightfully busy here at Smart Aleck Headquarters since my appearance on Coast to Coast with Georgy Noory on Tuesday!

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