New Interview - and the worldwide Zombie takeover continues!

Interview on I read to Relax talking about books, music, writing, coats, and American Idol.

I'm also pleased to announce that translation rights for I Kissed a Zombie have been acquired by Bliss in France (J'ai embrasse un Zombie, et Je l'ai aime!) and by Piper in Germany (Ich k├╝sste ein Zombie, und ich mochte es!). I can't wait to see how they translate fake Yiddish! I went through enough French in high school and college and that I can read short articles in French and get the gist of it, but if you want to have a conversation with me in French, you have to talk to me like I'm four.

PS - The Smart Aleck Staff is still running the five albums for five bucks promotion! Funds go to the Smart Aleck Staff Retirement Fund - which is another way of saying "pizza money."

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Jessica said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for doing an interview with me! It was a lot of fun!

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