S.J. Adams - Smart Aleck Staff Member Makes Good!

S.J. Adams (a very, very high-ranking member of the Smart Aleck Staff) has a novel out soon! Flux will be publishing SPARKS: THE EPIC, COMPLETELY TRUE BLUE (ALMOST) HOLY QUEST OF DEBBIE in late 2011/early 2012. SPARKS tells the John Hughes-esque story of a Full House-obsessed girl who tries to get over a crush on her best friend by embarking on a "holy quest" with a couple of misfits who have started their own religion. This book has variously been titled "Debbie Does Detention" and "Tangled Up In Blue" over the last couple of years.

By special permission, it takes place in Cornersville Trace, the same made-up suburb of Des Moines where most "Adam Selzer" books take place.

And, uh, hi to the MANY people who seem to be coming to my page to read Howl (For Mayor McCheese)" today! And to all the people who found the not-quite-legal Spanish translation of I Kissed a Zombie that's making the rounds today.

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