Chicago Unbelievable!

I stopped running tours for Weird Chicago, the company I founded, more than a year ago. The company and I were growing in different directions - I like giving fun, informative, historically accurate tours (even my ghost tours use the best info available). Weird Chicago was moving more towards pub crawls, bachelorette parties, red light district tours, and other things like that.

But I've missed running tours, and new Chicago history projects have gotten me wanting to update my the Weird Chicago blog more, make more podcasts, etc.  

So we're in the process of revamping all of my "Weird chicago" stuff - all of the history, the ghost stuff, etc - under the new banner of CHICAGO UNBELIEVABLE:

Chicago Unbelievable Tours For Educational Groups.

In coming weeks, watch for podcasts, new blog posts, and all kinds of cool stuff!

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