New Smart Aleck's Guides on the way!

I've been working full time on new Smart Aleck's Guides this summer. Rather than just doing one big one every few years, I've trademarked the brand, formed a company, recruited a staff and everything! The Smart Aleck Staff is no longer just a literary device! We have about a dozen guides in the works now, including guides to:

Romeo and Juliet
Julius Caesar
Baseball (history and appreciation)
US Elections and Politics
80s Horror Films
Grave Robbing (all you need to know to launch your career - the smart aleck way!)
Pride and Prejudice
Huckleberry Finn
Great Expectations
Orson Welles

And that's just the start! Soon, we'll be like Cliff's Notes - only five times as informative and a million times funnier. No one ever says they got into Shakespeare after reading the study guides; we aim to change that! The goal of our worksheet-free approach is to make you want to read MORE about the subject, not just for you to be able to BS your way through the test. And if we can do it without any cheap tricks to "bring it down to your level," so much the better.

The first 4-6 will launch in November, with more following close behind. Many will be exclusively available as low-cost ebooks, some may also have print editions.

But we need some help to get it off the ground - we have filing fees to cover, photo rights, and the first round of advertising costs in front of us. So we've opened the project up to some crowd-sourcing over on . Tell your friends!

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