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Well, I finally did it - here's my Chicago ghosts book. I'm afraid it's gonna tick people off, because I poke a lot of popular stories full of holes. But I really wanted to clear up some of the misconceptions that go around, I tried not to be a jerk about it, and I came up with plenty of cool new information. If you're gonna hunt for ghosts, there's no point wasting your time looking for stuff where the story doesn't hold up, right?


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Author Adam Selzer, a veteran of the Chicago ghost hunting world, explores several local haunted spots, offering new and never-before-published information in the most info-packed book yet published on the subject, drawing on his vast collection of records, newspaper archives, interviews, and first hand experiences. Selzer explores each in depth with his usual blend of humor, healthy skepticism, and history, with advice on which locations ghost hunters should check out, and which they should avoid. Just some of the info included here:

- Myths and Mystery of Hull House (an in-depth exploration into the history and mysteries of Chicago's most famous haunted house, with info on the devil baby, the ghost of Mrs. Hull, the haunted garden, the "monk" ghosts and more).

- Ghosts of the Iroquois Theatre and "Alley of Death"

- A lengthy and terrifying look at the history and hauntings of the Congress Hotel.

- New information and fresh takes on famous haunts such as Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Resurrection Mary, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, The Hancock Building, The Eastland Disaster and more.

- Insider info on the the ghosts of Old Town Tatu

- Evidence that the murderous H.H. Holmes operated a body dump on the North side - and that the location is haunted by the ghosts of the victims today.

- Fresh looks at possible ghosts of the victims of the Chicago gallows.

- Explorations of the stories behind haunted nightclubs and bars such as The Liar's Club, Fado, Excalibur, and more.

- a list of suggested locations that are ripe for investigations, along with advice on gear, gathering info, and more.

Chock full of new information on both the history and hauntings of each location, Selzer dismisses some locations and adds fuel to the fire of a few more. The appendix includes some of the "greatest hits" of the Chicago Unbelievable blog, featuring entries on the Congress Theatre, Inez Clark, Marty Worth, The Haunted Hooters, The Fool Killer Submarine, the Hand of Frank Leavey, and the ghosts of John Wilkes Booth, and Abraham Lincoln. This full length ebook features an active table of contents and active internal links. A must for ghost fans and history buffs alike!

Adam Selzer is a longtime veteran of the ghost tour business and the author of The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History (Random House 2009), Weird Chicago (with Troy Taylor, White Chapel 2008) and Your Neighborhood Gives Me the Creeps: True Tales of an Accidental Ghost Hunter (Llewelyn 2009), as well as several young adult novels.

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