Ghost Tour schedule

It looks like I'll be running tours on Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm and 10pm, plus some week days in between. The buses leave from 600 N Clark (the old Rock and Roll McDonalds). Go to or call 1-888-GHOST91 for reservations - ask for me (Adam), and they'll try to accommodate you.

It'll be a ghostly month for me - I'm running 4-5 tours per week, at least, and trying to do a new Chicago Unbelievable podcast every week, as well as FINALLY working on a novel that ties all of my ghost busting work into the story.

I've been out of the ghost biz for about two years now, but I've been pulled  back in (perhaps just for a limited time). At a conference yesterday I had the distinct fun of having people ask if I'd ever read my own books. I also ran into John Stephenson, who took the only "ghost" picture I've never been able to explain. This is me in the Florentine Ballroom of the Congress Hotel, with a shadow that I like to think is Teddy Roosevelt (a Florentine Room regular) standing against the wall:

That definitely isn't MY shadow - it's in the wrong place, and far too small, based on the light source. There was no one standing there at the time. 99% of the time we get a picture like this, we can come up with a better explanation than saying it's a dead person (and even now, we only say it's a "ghost" because we were on a ghost hunt - if we were on a leprechaun hunt, we might say it was one of those).  

In any case, this one has me stumped - there was no one there when the shot was taken, and given the size of the shadow, it would have had to be RIGHT by the wall.

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