Robbin' Graves and Takin' Names

When Random House told the Smart Aleck Staff they were free to put together a few ebooks to follow The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History, they didn't expect this!

A newly-formatted edition of The Smart Aleck's Guide to Grave Robbing is now available on the ibook store! Just click here:

The Smart Aleck's Guide to Grave Robbing - Adam Selzer & Smart Aleck Staff



VoyagerG said...

I loved Smart Aleck's Guide to American History and I'm about to buy this one! What I read from the sample was hysterical and I learned a lot about this obscure subject. You really helped to take some of the sting out of death.

I did my supplemental homework and read 'Marietta, or, The Students' and I couldn't peel my eyes from it. It was gross and very very melodramatic, I never read old 'dime store' novels like this. It was always the classics. I don't know why Hollywood hasn't snatched this one up. LOL. Had a cool Frankenstein vibe, but i think the whole scene at the end with Marietta and Levator was rushed. Obviously from the title Mr. JH Robinson didn't know who he wanted the story to be about. Eh, either, or.
I hope this new Smart Aleck guide is released as a print book eventually. I still prefer those!

Adam Selzer said...

I agree - the plot of Marietta gets a bit rushed. But by then it's so tough to keep track of what the heck is going on in the first place that one isn't really reading for the plot. It's more about the grisly details and delightful grave robbers!

I hope some of the new guides will come out in print, but I'm not totally optimistic. YA nonfiction that isn't about preparing for college or puberty is not a real market.

VoyagerG said...

I thought everyone in Marietta was going to perish in the flames and that would be the end. It was thrilling at the rescue scene.

I finished the entire Grave robbing guide in a few hours over 2 days. It was fantastic! And I managed to snack while reading. LoL. I enjoyed the interviews too. I did a walking tour of our Greenwood Cemetery here in Brooklyn back in the fall, and now I understand why there are these amazing tombs from the 19th century that look like pyramids! Egypt-O-mania. LOL. There was a spot on the NY news that caught my eye the other day, because I had cemeteries on the brain. It said that The Real estate around Cemeteries is a hot commodity, people love the peacefulness, beauty, etc. Sure, but they can be glad it's the garden variety and not the Church ones. Blahh!

Thanks for replying.:)

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