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First off: The Smart Aleck's Guide to Romeo and Juliet will be out on Tuesday, the first in our series of Shakespeare e-guides!

Second: I can now announce that I'll be doing a GHOSTS OF CHICAGO book for Llewellyn Press - it'll be out this fall!

Third: I'll be at Glenside Library on Tuesday, April 17, at 7pm. I'll also be doing some school visits to fifth graders, and they asked if I could provide a picture of myself at that age.

I was in fifth grade in 1991. Right around the time that Hammer pants were in fashion:

This is my friends and I playing in the traffic. I'm the one in the neon shoelaces (I was very gnarly and wore a lot of neon) and the colorful pants. "Hammer pants" were not necessarily giant pants; some were just pants covered in wacky designs.  It is sobering to consider that Nirvana and Steve Urkel became popular right around the same time. I was very much in the habit of breaking into Steve Urkel impressions.

In fact, I remember this day well: it's the day I won the "show" category at the Pinewood Derby for my Bart Simpson-shaped car. Even the sneakers on which I could pump up the tongue did not make me look particularly cool here. But I remember that while we were at the mall that day, I saw Nevermind for the first time in the record store:

By sixth grade I had cleaned up my act somewhat, but was still a dork by the standards of the day. Being into Star Wars was not cool at the time.

I still have that shirt, twenty years later. Maybe I'll wear it to Glenside.

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