The infamous "Satanic YA"

As many of you know, some while ago I fell into a chat about "Christian YA" novels and joked that I should write a Satanic one. Then I started to do it for real - a book in which Leon, the narrator from my first two books, has grown into an 18 year old slacker with no direction in life. He spends most of his time working at a b-list ice cream place, eating mix-ins and joking around with a co-worker who claims to be Satan (and functions as Jeeves to his Wooster).  But when Leon finds out that his old girlfriend might be moving back from England, he panics; it never occurred to him that she might see him like this. The dark lord tells him that everything will work out fine, but that "there will come a great plague and halls will flow with the blood of the unbelievers." Soon, Leon finds himself attending a debutante ball, slipping Satanic messages into the yearbook, and going on a quest to find the mythical "white grape" slushee. It's a funny book with a lot of heart and a realistic portrayal of an imperfect relationship.

It opens like this: "There are times when Satan really get on my nerves. Like, he's been saying for years that he wants to buy my soul, but whenever he gets enough cash saved, he decides to get his windows tinted or something instead. He can be a real dick like that."

I wrote it assuming that it'd only ever come out if I put it up on Amazon or something, but we'll see!

update November 2012: My new agent has been sending the book around to publishers. It initially went to 13 of them, and was originally scheduled to go out on Oct 29. Did the man upstairs send a hurricane to stop it?

update March 2013: I never thought I'd get away with this one, but I can now announce that Simon and Schuster will be publishing it in Summer, 2014. Watch for more info, extras, and more!


A.S. King said...

Adam, I love this idea. I love the sound of the story and I love the working title. Don't let them change that! I especially love the subtitle. And I love the cover idea with the stairs.

I think you should do it. Whatever way you can.
It's too good not to.

Adam Selzer said...

Thanks! I may hold you to that - I'd need help from all corners to get this thing out and pointed at the right market. I think with most of my books the title/cover were designed to appeal to a wider audience, but the end result is that the RIGHT readers for the books often wouldn't hear about them.

HWPetty said...

I love this book. I know I've only read a super early few paragraphs, but the characters still sit with me, it was that good!

Have you guys thought about/discussed subbing to a smaller press? A place like Entangled might be able to see your vision and still help you distribute to a wider audience than self-pub could.

Seriously, though, I'm all in to help spread the word where I can, no matter what you decide!

Ms. Yingling said...

I love the idea and both of your covers. My son would certainly read this. Only suggestion: maybe drop the
"for young adults who worship the devil". Might irritate some people who should read it!

Anthony said...

That book sounds so cool I would atually BUY it to read it instead of, you know, "sharing"....

Adam Selzer said...

Ha! Most of my books are obscure enough to stay under the torrent sites' radar.

Britt said...


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