The Smart Aleck's Guide to Halloween Specials

There'll be THREE new Chicago ghostlore "e-singles" published by Llewellyn Press any second now. Stay tuned for more info! In the mean time, Open Etc has just released an ebook-edition of my many reviews of Halloween specials:

Is Halloween not Halloween to you unless you pop your old VHS tape of the Garfield Halloween special in your rusty old player? Featuring revised and expanded reviews from the long-running site , The Smart Aleck's Guide to Halloween Specials is a FULL-LENGTH ebook, featuring reviews of more than 60 classic (and not-so-classic) pieces of Halloween programming, with long tangents about Halloween, memory, 1980s and 90s pop culture, and the role nostalgia plays in how we appreciate art. With reviews of Witch's Night Out, Paul Lynde's Halloween Special, The Worst Witch, Disney's Halloween Treat, Fat Albert, The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, The Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile, Mr. Boogedy, and dozens more, it's like a treatise on the Smart Aleck Staff's generation in the form of a series of cartoon reviews. Features an active table of contents and internal links.

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