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We're about six months from the release of my new GHOSTS OF CHICAGO BOOK, which Llewellyn Press will be publishing around the time the Halloween season starts. We're not to the point where the Google Books page has the cover up, but the links to indiebound, amazon, etc all work, and the book is available for pre-order.

I'm trying to hold off from using this TOO much yet, but I've started a new tumblr to host instagram shots of stuff from the book and things from my tours. I won't be reblogging gifs or memes or any of that stuff (tumblr is a silly place, isn't it?); it's all about spooky and strange Chicago stuff. Tour locations, stuff from the upcoming book, even the occasional shot of me running a tour.  I'll probably use it a lot more around the time the book comes out.

Check it out at the new Chicago Unbelievable tumblr! Here are a couple of sample shots:

My ride:

The Oliver Typewriter building facade still stands (though the company went under ages ago) at the entrance to an alley the Chicago Tribune once called "the alley of death and mutilation."

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