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Sparks, which I wrote as SJ Adams, has made YALSA's Popular Paperbacks list for 2014 - the little novel that could! Every now and then that book keeps getting a new burst of life. It's still my favorite of my books to date. I really must get into Des Moines and leave an offering to the Naked Trike Angel, who is mentioned in the book. It's in a back yard now; offerings are made by putting a quarter in its mouth. I am an orthodox Naked Trike Angelicist.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for Play Me Backwards, my latest, to be released in August via Simon and Schuster. I will now start referring to that book, coupled with the earlier How To Get Suspended and Influence People and Pirates of the Retail Wasteland as the How to Get Your $%^& Together trilogy, perhaps. At least until I come up with a better name. Look for a trailer soon, or least a downloadable song entitled "Satan's Parents' Basement." I think advance copies are starting to circulate now.

Meanwhile, in other news from my other life, the old Chicago Unbelievable blog has been relauched as the Mysterious Chicago blog.  Bringing you all the best in Chicago's forgotten history, ghostlore, and more. I've spent much of the last few months digging through paperwork from 19th century lawsuits in which serial killer H.H. Holmes was being sued (dude was a swindler first and foremost and got sued a lot), next week I'm looking forward into seeing another murderer's paperwork. The party never stops around here! I've filmed segments for two cable shows in the last few months, and may have a couple more in the pipeline.

Anyway, I'll bet at the annual Anderson's Bookshop Children's Literature Breakfast on the 15th, rubbing elbows with the guest of honor (Henry Winkler!) and chatting with kidlit folks from all over.

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