New Book Announced: JUST KILL ME

Here's a deal memo being sent around today:

Adam Selzer’s JUST KILL ME, a dark humored novel in which a teen intern at a Chicago ghost tour company is interrogated for murder, when the reports of “real” ghost sightings increase along with the number of missing tourists, to Dani Young at Simon & Schuster, by Adrienne Rosado of Nancy Yost Literary Agency.

So, it looks like I'm finally writing myself into one of my novels! I won't be the teen intern, though - the narrator is a young woman named Megan. "Adam" is the owner of the company, a middle aged recluse who reeks of gin when he shows up at all and seems to be harboring a dark secret. This has been a lot of fun to write so far, and now I have ten weeks to finish the draft - in the middle of working on promoting PLAY ME BACKWARDS!

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