Reviews for PLAY ME BACKWARDS are trickling in this week, and I couldn't be happier with them!

"PLAY ME BACKWARDS is the funniest, oh is so freaking great it's like aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhsogreat" - Josh Berk

Cite Something calls it "immensely readable" and says it will have "wide appeal...this one will be easy to move off the shelves." (boy, I hope so!)

YA Books Central says that the book is "hysterical, disgusting, endearing, perfect."

A Staff Recommendation from Mabel's Fables, an indie book shop, calls the book a masterpiece and compares it to the second Meat Puppets album, which, they note, Kurt Loder once called a "cultural trash compactor." I've never been compared to a trash compactor in a five star review before, but I'll take it.

Benni the Blog calls it honest, sincere and funny.

Falling for YA  liked it, as well.

VOYA gave it a 9/10 (which counts as a starred review, according to Simon and Schuster) and called it "hilariously subversive, but also tender and poignant."

Geek In Librarian's Clothing says "I made the mistake of starting this book in the middle of a crowded restaurant at lunch and couldn’t stop laughing out loud- and I tried. Everyone was looking and it was so awful, but still I couldn’t stop."

I've been compared to Rob Thomas, Stephen Chbosky, Andrew Smith, and Seth Macfarlane in various reviews. One noted that the whole book had her humming a Mountain Goats song, which I sort of hoped would happen. There's one whole chapter composed of the sort of clever similes about love that populate so many Mountain Goats tunes :)

I know of a few more are coming this week, so I'll add to this post as they come.

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