All Over the News!

Well, I was all over the media this past week! That's October in the ghost busting biz. It seemed like every day I was doing a phone interview, taking a meeting, talking with someone who was researching an article, or going to a radio studio for an interview. Here are some highlights:

Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez on WGN had me back to talk about Play Me Backwards and some local ghost stories. I love this show! I come in at about the 37 minute mark. Patti had first hand accounts of the supposedly haunted Hooters at Erie and Wells (a location that always gives me a chance to talk about grave robbing - my favorite thing!)

WBEZ Curious City met up with me twice to record segments for their story on local ghost stories (The Iroqouis Theatre and Resurrection Mary)

And RedEye did a whole spread:

Adam Selzer in the RedEye, Oct 2014

Adam Selzer in the RedEye, Oct 2014 page 2

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