Burglar Haikus

The other night, Claudia Gray told me she had a dream that someone broke into her apartment, stole her stuff, and replaced it with poems. Here are some haikus from a burglar who stole your stuff:

As the autumn wind
carries the old leaves away
we stole your TV

VCRs wither
Take up space and block the light
Don't worry. Gone now.

All things pass away
the wind, the sea, the snowfall
your good silverware

Where does old time go,
Never to be seen again?
Same place as your plates.

Cry for no lost thing
that was not of pure beauty.
Your stuff was ugly.

We took your music
But we're just stealing it back
Downloading is theft

Leftover pizza
wrapped in shiny silver foil
We ate the whole thing.

Art belongs to all
You hide this painting alone.
Well, not anymore.

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Ryan W said...

Loving the poetry. Good job.

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