Cool deals and events!

The Smart Aleck Staff is holding a SALE on Adam Selzer and his Revolving Door All-Stars albums - five of 'em for five bucks! Amaze your friends with knowledge of music so obscure you can't even find a bit torrent, and discover plenty of great, easy-to-play songs. The albums feature Vixy Dockrey, Mary Crowell, and other Monsters of Filk, along with musicians who have gone on to be rather successful rock stars!

There's an ad up for Writing and Rotting: Zombies in YA Literature - the panel I'm doing with Carrie Ryan on Sunday on 57th street (not so far from the site of the aforementioned castle). See ya there - or in Harwood Heights tomorrow! Will I be attacked by Twilight fans who were offended by I Kissed a Zombie? Will I spend the whole night with my foot in my mouth? Will anyone there have heard of me? Come find out!

There's also a sale on the ebook about the "H.H. Holmes Murder Castle" I edited - gory Chicago history stuff!

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