I'm pleased to announce upcoming Korean editions of two of my books:

ANDREW NORTH BLOWS UP THE WORLD will be published by Gaeam Namu, and I PUT A SPELL ON YOU will be published by Kookminseogwan!

I imagine that some Shakespeare translator has already figured out the Korean word for "honorificabilitudinitatibus," but I can't wait to see how they translate words like "defenestrate," "omphaloskepsis," and all of those other words from the book!

In other words, I'm nearly done with the draft for PURPLE WISH, the Zombie follow-up, which features a couple of characters from SPELL. I'm just now finishing up the scene where Jennifer and Mutual shout lines from Henry V while triumphantly steering a Wells Fargo Wagon full of unicorn poo through the streets of Des Moines. Can I possibly get any classier? I don't think so!

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