Two more new interviews!

Here's one on Mrs. Hill's Book Blog from earlier this week.

And one with Cecilia Bedilia that went up this morning!

Surely you must know all there is to know about me by now, huh?

I'm now in the homestretch of work on PURPLE WISH (which is the working title for the book I'll never get away with calling FAIRY GODMOFO). It's a mystery novel that functions as a follow-up to both I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT and I PUT A SPELL ON YOU. It's an all new story - you don't have to have read either of those two books - but it takes place in the Zombie world and stars a few characters from SPELL (who are now six years older than they were in that book).

PURPLE WISH takes place three years after the events of ZOMBIE. By now, Des Moines has become a sort of mecca for vampires (something about working in the insurance world really suits the dead). But every time prom season comes around, rumors go around that Wil, the vampire who attacked Alley Rhodes and her zombie boyfriend, is back in town, ready to strike again...

We're also just about two weeks away from my trip to the real Des Moines, where I'll be filming a documentary about the Naked Trike Angel statue. Want to participate? Come to Merle Hay Mall at 10am on Sunday, August 8th! Here's the facebook event page. I still have an APB out on pictures of the mall from the 80s and 90s!

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