First Grade Sucked the Cool Out of Me

At the beginning of first grade, I was cool. Look for youself at the shot below - that's me on the left (Ben Brush of the Smart Aleck Staff is on the right):

Look at that. Muppet Babies lunch box, Karate Kid 2 belt buckle, spiked hair, a winning smirk and a wicked pose. 1987 was good to me, man.

But here's another shot from the last day of school, on the other side of the same tree:

The spiked hair, the cool accessories, the smirk... all gone, and replaced by giant glasses. Ben seems to have done okay for himself, though.

And so I became a dork. But I have a theory that no one who is cool as an adult was not a dork in school. How often do you meet cool people who look back on high school and say "man, when I was in high school, I was awesome. I really had it together back then." Not very often, kids.


Katie said...

It's so much fun to look back on old photos!

You're right, though - no-one has it together in school, not even the people who liked to pretend they did.

VoyagerG said...

Great photos! Muppet Babies brings back memories. Never missed that show! :D Lunch boxes were so big back in those days. I know I needed to wear my Punky Brewster sneakers! I'd say that a lot of the so-called cool kids in school grew up to be the real dorks and wash-outs, and the dorks went on to spectacular things!

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