I'm an Award-Winning Songwriter / Screenwriter Now

There are bunch of Adam Selzers floating around in the world - three of us who are involved in music. One of them is out in Portland, where he is something of an indie rock impresario. Nice guy. There's also an Adam Selzer in Tennessee who plays in a band called Adam and the Couch Potatoes. Both of these guys are way better musicians than I am. When one of my recordings ends up on youtube credited to one of them, I can't help but be flattered (though i feel a bit sorry for them, having to take the blame).

I may not be much of a musician, but the short film I wrote, At Last Okemah , won a pair of awards at the Bare Bones Film Festival over the weekend - audience choice, and best musical movie. I wrote the main original song in the movie, "Doorbell Ditching at the Pearly Gates," so I guess this makes me an award winning songwriter. Cool, huh?

In other musical news, the first "Adam Selzer and his Revolving Door All-Stars" gig in four years, since the shows at which the live album was recorded, will be at Duckcon, a sci-fi convention in the Chicago burbs, on June 18th. I go on at noon.

Movie Trailer:

"Doorbell Ditching"

Here's the "rock version" with different lyrics, just for good measure:

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