Look at Me! I'm Ichabod Crane! (And: Look How Cool i was in First Grade, Part 2)

Went horseback riding yesterday - kind of a first for me. Never realized just how much you can feel the horse's spine in your butt crack.  One of the Smart Aleck Staffers who is collaborating on a new guide with me called me up from his home in Nebraska recently and said he had spent the day helping his father-in-law put an auger on a combine.

"You put a who on a what now?" I asked.

"On auger on a combine."

"What's a combine?"

He paused, then said "Man, you gotta be kidding me!"

I'm a full-on city slicker. Even in Iowa, I lived in the suburbs.

Of course, before our paths diverged - his to the country, mine to the city - this staffer lived in the same suburb  as me. In fact, he's the other guy in that old picture of how cool I was at the beginning of first grade, with my fierce pose, spiked hair, winning smirk, Karate Kid 2 belt buckle and Muppet Babies lunch box. Here's another shot from the same "photo shoot."

Well, a newly discovered photo shows I was even cooler than previously thought. Here's a recently-discovered shot from the same day showing how RAD my shoes were:

9-1-87. I would never be this cool again. 

But, on the plus side, Kirkus is about to call SPARKS by SJ Adams (who is totally NOT me in disguise) "Original and appealing...funny and satisfying...a kinetic and well-paced comedy." Coming from the reliably-curmudgeonly Kirkus, that's pretty high praise! 

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