Updates, all sizes

There are a few new posts at Smart Aleck's Guide.com , which is going to become a regular treasure trove of history, trivia, and detective work, with new topics being added as new guides are published.

There's also a new post, one of the new entries written up to the ebook, at Playground Jungle, which is being merged with Smart Aleck's Guide.com

And we're getting ready to record a new season worth of podcasts over at Chicago Unbelievable, focusing on ghost hunts at locations in Chicago that I don't think have been investigated as much as they ought to be (compared to sites that have become regular ghost hunting theme parks).

It being Halloween, I've also started adding some new entries over to Halloween Specials.net - my webpage about Halloween cartoons and tv specials. I've covered just about all of them now (except for, say, episodes of Perfect Strangers will Halloween parties, but I'm not covering all of those. I'm focusing on "specials.")Various incarnations of that page have been around since 90s!

And, of course, it's just about six weeks until SPARKS and EXTRAORDINARY come out!

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