Back Row Hooligans gig report

Today at Windycon in the Chicago burbs (I forget which one) was the first Back Row Hooligans live show! Featuring Eric Coleman on drums and Amy McNally on violin, it was completely unrehearsed (Eric and Amy had never heard half the songs) but was possibly the most fun I ever had playing music.

Uncle Herbert's Extra Rowdy Funeral
My Aunt Judith Smokes
Pirates Always Cheat at Bingo
She Lets Me Watch Her Mom and Pop Fight (song from MAD magazine)
Axl Rose is Coming To Town (song From MAD)
Glumpy the Elf Who Got Drunk and Sawed His Leg Off
Heavy Metal Vomit Christmas Party
Ebenezer Walked
Doorbell Ditching at the Pearly Gates (Woody Guthrie version)
The Three Bean Casserole War
Song to a Bratty Sister
Straight Outta Daycare (rap)
A Batman Villain
Stay Out of the Toilet
The Old Lady Who Drank Old Milk
Things Were Cheap in Grandpa's Day
The Burning of the School

Now I want to write up a bunch more songs just so I can record them with Eric and Amy! This band will definitely be back. More info on the Back Row Hooligans page.

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