Killin' Folks and Breakin' Stuff (updated)

Nothing takes the stress out of a busy two book release week like throwing an album into the mix, too! I've been threatening to do an album with this band for years. Children's music for really well-adjusted kids - the full album can be downloaded for just five bucks.  See more over at

Click title for lyrics:

The Burning of the School
Uncle Herbert's Extra Rowdy Funeral
My Aunt Judith Smokes
Pirates Always Cheat at Bingo
Stay Out of the Toilet!
The Old Woman Who Drank Old Milk
Straight Outta Daycare
Drink Your Juice (Or You'll Get Scurvy)
Things Were Cheap in Grandpa's Day
The Three Bean Casserole War
Song to a Bratty Sister
The Mysterious Midnight Accordionist
Heavy Metal Vomit Christmas Party

Forward an order confirmation, receipt, photo, etc for any of my books (any sort of proof of purchase) to for a free download link, or it's only 4.99 over on the Back Row Hooligans page.

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