New Books!

I have a few new books coming out in the next six months or so:

October 1 will bring Inside the Murder Castle of HH Holmes,  the first of a few "e-singles" I hope to do for Llewellyn in the build up to the GHOSTS OF CHICAGO book they'll be publishing next year. Two other e-singles, Devil Babies: Hull House and Beyond and The Resurrection Mary Files may be out on October 1 as well.

November 6 is the date Globe Press has scheduled to release SPEAKING ILL OF THE DEAD: JERKS IN CHICAGO HISTORY, in which I criticize and make fun of guys like Al Capone, George Pullman, John Kinzie, H.H. Holmes, Marshall Field, Johann Hoch, and other people who are too dead to fight back.

And I can now announce a Spring release for EMPIRE OF SHADOWS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF HOW CHICAGO INVENTED THE FILM INDUSTRY, which I'm doing for KWS with Michael Glover Smith. It's a cool look at silent film biz in Chicago and its origins in the World's Fair of 1893. We've done some really exciting research for this one!

Notice a pattern here? All Chicago history books!  I don't have any new novels scheduled at the moment. I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adam!

My husband and I took your ghost tour last Friday at 10 and we both thought you were great. We are definitely skeptics about ghosts but your tour was a great mix of history and comedy which was perfect for us.

We're from the Des Moines area and saw you're from around there too, awesome! Anyway just wanted to leave a comment letting you know you have 2 new fans!

- Jessy

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