"Haunted History: The Murder Castle" on H2 7/26

Hi to the people who caught me on the "HH Holmes and the Murder Castle" episode of H2's Haunted History!

My own research into Holmes is detailed in my upcoming book, The Ghosts of Chicago, which Llewelyn Worldwide will publish in September, and covered a bit more on the topic and my own opinions on Holmes in today's Chicago Unbelievable post. I'm more skeptical than I come off in the show, but I'm glad they didn't edit me to make me look like a nut!

In addition to writing a number of books on Chicago history (mostly related to "the stranger side,") I run ghost tours a few nights a week for Chicago Hauntings. I'm glad they didn't call me a "ghost hunter" on the show; I go on ghost investigations sometimes, but my main job is seeing if the stories check out. I prefer to call myself a "historian who specializes in places that are said to be haunted." "Paranormal historian" fits on TV screens better than that, though!

My day job is writing smart alecky young adult novels; the next one, Play Me Backwards, will be published by Simon and Schuster next year.

And here, of course, is a link to my new ghost book; advance copies were snatched up in 20 minutes at ALA last month! I hope to have info about upcoming appearances, etc, soon. I know I'll be talking about Chicago Ghostlore at the Sulzer Regional Library here in Chicago on 10/14, and at the Arlington Heights library on 10/22.

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