Some Clues about Play Me Backwards

Here are a couple of "clues" about my upcoming novel, Play Me Backwards, which was known for some time as the "Satanic YA."  First, we have this photo of a page from the "Style Sheet" that came with copyedits, in which they establish what should be capitalized, hyphenated, etc. I imagine that the list of terms they had to decide on might provide some interesting glimpses into the book (with a couple of clear clues showing which characters/places from previous books might be making cameos):

Then, we've got a demo for the first song of a planned EP of songs "from and inspired by" the book. This is one of the songs in the "from" column, as it appears in the book. It's called "Til They Can Taste 'Em (School Crotch Kicking Team Fight Song)."

Enjoy! The book is coming in August from Simon & Schuster. A photoshoot for the cover was held in New York a few weeks ago - I got to help pick the cast based on shots from an earlier casting call, which was pretty cool (on my last book from a major publisher, the first I heard about the cover was when I saw it on Amazon). I also got to weigh in on photos from a "mood board" of photos that captured the sort of feel they were going for - many of them reminded me of the kind of pictures you see in gallery exhibitions of photos from the punk rock scene.

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